About Us

Resilience is the ability of anything, animate or inanimate, to adapt and react positively to change, in order to reach a new balance. With the term resalio, the ancient Romans referred to the act of rising on top of a ship that had been capsized by the winds and waves at sea.

Just like steel is able to withstand suddent and violent blows, our athletes have the tenacious rationality to pick themselves up a hundred times, knowing that sooner or later they will reach their goals. They don't possess only resistence but also effective reorganisation and quick readjustment. Fighting is a necessity and defeat represents, in its unavoidable and unpredictable nature, a small step toward success: the inevitable occasion to reach the next level.

Urban Resilience Sportswear began in January 2015 with the goal of reaching modern athletes in their social context - the city. Training becomes revenge, a way to recognise one's own physical strength and psychological integrity, in a metropolitan environment that alienates and distances atletes from their very core and primordial instrument, the body.

Places that are usually hostile become a scenic stage for solitary training: 
Women runners beneath Manhattan skyscrapers or still in a cobra pose on the Ponte della Musica in Rome; crossfitters that challenge the force of gravity with consistency and concentration or fighters in the ring that get out alive after a "ground and pound" and naturally welcome the pain for what it is. Urban athletes that hide stories of Resilience beneath their victories.

Urban Resilience is a philosophy, a way of live, for the city, training, the cage.