Dermatologically tested Dryarn® is the lightest fibre in the natural world. Its low specific weight means that it can be used to make extremely light garments that weigh much less than corresponding items in materials.

A garment made of Dryarn® will weigh 32% less than an equivalent garment made of wool and 34% less than one in polyester.  Thanks to its lightness and its superior thermal insulation capacity compared to wool, Dryarn® enables people to reduce the number of items of clothing that they wear and therefore enjoy greater freedom of movement.


Comfort is a topic of great interest among designers and manufacturers of performance sportswear. It is becoming more and more important to consider the thermal and physiological aspects of sportswear and offer breathability and heat regulation during physical activity.

Thanks to its “natural” characteristics, Dryarn® is able to wick perspiration outwards through the structure of the fabric. This ensures that the skin is always dry and gives a sense of wellbeing in the variable climatic conditions associated with mountain sports.



In warm climates, Dryarn garments dry quickly and allow the body to cool using its natural evaporation process. In cold climates, it enables heat to be retained by keeping the skin and fabric dry



Dryarn® has the “natural” capacity to prevent the absorption of moisture and it  highly permeable for water vapour. Together, these two factors give the fibre exceptional breathability: perspiration evaporates quickly without soaking the fabric, thus ensuring that the skin is always dry. While many fibres prevent the body from perspiring properly or only partially allow it for a limited time, laboratory tests have shown that Dryarn® performs extremely well during both normal and vigorous exercise.  In everyday situations and during moderate exercise, Dryarn® keeps the skin dry and ensures that the body’s heat regulation system runs smoothly by managing the flow of heat and vapour from perspiration. During heavy physical exertion, Dryarn® is able not only to deal with perspiration in the liquid state but also to regulate how it is conveyed by adapting to changes in its intensity. Dryarn® is capable of extremely quick, effective perspiration management, which enables the body to maintain the ideal microclimate for the skin once it has stopped sweating